Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series

The Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series is an exclusive collection of high-performance cinema lenses specifically designed with PL mount compatibility. With their exceptional optical quality and artistic rendering, these lenses offer cinematographers an unparalleled toolset to bring their creative vision to life.


Key Features:

  1. Distinctive Artistic Rendering: The Sumire Prime Lens Series delivers a distinct cinematic look, characterized by smooth and organic image rendering. These lenses provide a unique visual signature, offering a gentle focus fall-off, soft bokeh, and delicate flares. They allow filmmakers to create visually stunning and evocative footage with a captivating aesthetic.
  2. Precise Focus Control: With precise manual focus control, the Sumire Prime lenses enable cinematographers to achieve meticulous focus pulling. The focus markings are clear and accurate, facilitating smooth adjustments for precise focusing. This ensures that subjects are consistently sharp and well-defined, enhancing the overall visual impact of your shots.
  3. Exceptional Optical Performance: Each lens in the Sumire Prime series is meticulously crafted with advanced optical elements and coatings. This results in exceptional image clarity, sharpness, and contrast. The lenses minimize chromatic aberrations, distortion, and flare, allowing you to capture footage with outstanding visual fidelity and accurate color reproduction.
  4. Consistent Imaging Characteristics: The Sumire Prime lenses maintain consistent imaging characteristics throughout the series. This means that when switching between different lenses, you can expect consistent color rendition, contrast, and bokeh quality. This coherence simplifies the post-production workflow and ensures a seamless visual narrative.
  5. Wide Aperture Range: The Sumire Prime lenses feature a wide aperture range, providing greater control over depth of field and low-light shooting. The fast maximum apertures allow for shallow depth of field effects, isolating subjects with beautiful background separation. Additionally, these lenses excel in challenging lighting conditions, delivering impressive image quality even in dimly lit environments.
  6. Robust and Reliable Build: Designed to withstand the demands of professional filmmaking, the Sumire Prime lenses are built with durability in mind. They feature a robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring long-term reliability and consistent performance. Filmmakers can trust these lenses to deliver exceptional results, even in demanding shooting environments.

The Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series, exclusively available in PL mount, offers cinematographers unmatched optical performance and artistic versatility. With their distinctive rendering, precise focus control, exceptional build quality, and dedicated PL mount compatibility, these lenses empower filmmakers to elevate their storytelling and capture cinematic masterpieces with confidence. Experience the power of the Canon Sumire Prime Lens Series and unlock a new realm of creative possibilities.