Cooke Mini S4 Lens Set Hire

Cooke S4 75MM T2.0


Cooke S4 75mm Rental at Aimimage. Try one of the most recommended lens series in the industry. Cooke prime lenses are a standard, offering unprecedented optical performance. Let’s discover the features:




The lens has impressive distortion control and flare and is compatible with PL mounts. It has been designed to cover a super 35mm format, with a T2 aperture.

The cam-style focus is an award winning, thanks to the large lens barrel diameter, it allows the increase of focus marking, especially at close focus.



T Stop Range, T2 – T22

Angular Rotation of Iris Scale, 92 degrees

Minimum Marked Object Distance, 30 inches / 800mm

Close Focus from Lens Front, 23 inches / 623mm

Angular Rotation to MOD End Stop, 300 degrees

Maximum Diagonal Angle of View for Super 35mm Format, 22 degrees

Length of Lens (Lens Mount to Front), 4.9 inches /125mm

Front Diameter, 110mm

Total Weight, 3.85 lbs. / 1.75 kg

Maximum Format Cover, 30mm diameter (Super 35 format)

Focus Scales, Two opposing focus scales – metric or footage. Scales marked from infinity to MOD

Focus Drive Fear, 140 teeth 0.8 metric module x 6.0 wide x 98mm from image plane

Iris Scales, Two opposing linear T-scales whole and third stops marked

Iris Drive Gear, 134 teeth / 0.8 metric module x 4.0mm x 79.5mm from image plane

Internal Front Fitting Filter, Internal thread for filter adapter M105 x .075 pitch


Cooke Mini S4 Lens Set available for rental or hire in London, Birmingham and Manchester.