OVIDE SMART ASSIST 4 At Aimimage. Discover an upgrade version of the all in one solution for video assist with new amazing features.




You can now record, playback and do all the VFX with only one camera in 4K or 4HD cameras.


It gives you the choice to switch the working mode between 4 camera modes and 1 camera mode.



  • 2K or HD resolution
  • 4x Inputs
  • 12x SDI 2K/HD routed video
  • 1x Composite



  • 4K resolution
  • 1x Input (4K)
  • 3x SDI 4k routed video
  • 1x Composite


Up to 128 cameras


The Smart assist 4 can control up to 128 cameras. First, you have the possibility to control up to 4HD cameras. Then, for single take shots you can link up to 8 smart assist and playback and record 32 cameras and then even extend by using quad splits which will go up to 128 cameras.


With 12 routed SDI outputs, you have the possibility to choose 12 independent video feeds.


Wifi and Bluetooth


The new smart assist 4 integrate SMA connectors which allow you to connect to any wifi, and it had a built-in bluetooth.


Connect with iDevices


You can stream independant playback or live video to Ipads and Iphones – you can connect up to 16 devices! You have as well the opportunity to turn your iPad or iPhone in your video village remote control to route all the video as desired from a convenient wireless mobile device.


New touchscreen display


Avoiding reflection thanks to a matt finish, the touchscreen of the new smart assist 4 is a 1920×1080 screen with edit-ready VFX and 4K video recording.


More connectors


You can now choose 12 independant video feeds thanks to 12 routed SDI outputs on the new smart assist 4. The video feeds can include multi viewers. The best part is, there are small OLED displays that allows you to understand what is every output and ease the cabling.


Batteries or Mains:

As the previous smart assist, it can be powered with regular cameras batteries, block batteries or mains batteries. The new feature is an internal UPS system. It will tell you when the power sources are disconnected and will still let you run the system for 2 min without any source.