Red Camera Rental

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At Aimimage we have amassed years of experience and expertise supporting all kinds of productions, from large scale TV dramas to low budget music videos. Our extensive inventory of kit ranges from the latest high-end camera systems, to more select and bespoke pieces of kit. We can offer standalone RED camera rental, or a total package to solve your shooting needs.

RED cameras are modular, large format cinema cameras that capture extremely high resolution video. These cameras function like traditional film cameras, using film lenses, offering users complete artistic control.

One RED camera we offer is the RED Weapon 8K Helium, this offers up to 17x more resolution than HD, anf 4x more resolution than 4K. It shows enhanced low-light sensitivity and a very dynamic range. If you are looking for RED camera rental we are able to offer you the standalone camera, or a comprehensive package. 

The Benefits of Red Camera Rental

RED camera rental offers a range of benefits over purchasing. When renting a camera you are able to experiment with new products, without having to financially commit to purchasing. You will receive the camera in perfect working order, and won’t have to worry about repairs or fixes as this is all taken care of by the hire company. Furthermore, when you are finished with your project you can simply hand the camera back, you don’t need to go to the effort of selling it on or finding somewhere to store it.