Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector London

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If you’re looking to hire a Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector in London, look no further than Aimimage. We offer a range of classical rain deflectors with an original design. Its features make it an ideal accessory for filming in stormy weather conditions.

Why Hire a Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector in London?

There are many benefits of hiring a Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector in London for your filming projects. 

Firstly, the Sprayoff Milli’s design makes it extremely easy to set up where it can be used in an existing matte box. Similar to ARRI’s MB-18, the Sprayoff Milli Rain deflector is designed to be pushed into the matte box instead of the first filter tray. This allows shooting in the rain without having to stop the camera to clear the lens.

The deflector maintains the clarity of the lenses via a high speed rotating filter where the device fits into a 5.65 x 4 filter tray and is compatible with ARRI matte boxes MB-18/MB-19/MB-20. It can also fit the LMB-5, LMB-15 and LMB-25 but the weight demand on the clip-on matte box will be greater.

The Sprayoff deflector only weighs around 850g and can be powered via 24V from the camera. Besides, possessing a large optical width of 144mm to cover wide angle lenses.

One thing to consider when renting this rain deflector is the amount of noise it makes. It may not be suitable when shooting sync sound and the actor is close by. Therefore, it may be more suitable for shots without any verbal dialogue.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in renting the Sprayoff Milli Rain Deflector in London, call us on 0207 391 2650 or send us an email at hire@aimimage.com

We will be happy to explain the benefits of hiring this camera in further detail and provide our expert advice on whether this equipment is suitable for you. Our experience is vast and we have supplied Sprayoff Milli Deflectors to a range of professionals and freelancers. We pride ourselves on offering an outstanding service to all clients and ensuring we meet their camera needs.