Astro Design Inc WM-3014 6″ HD/SD Portable Waveform & Vector Scope LCD Monitor


The WM-3014 6″ HD/SD Portable Waveform & Vector Scope LCD Monitor from Astro Design is a single waveform monitor that provides multiple functions, such as image confirmation monitoring, waveform monitoring, and vector scoping. This portable unit is ideally suited for use in situations where transportation of traditional equipment is difficult, such as on-site shooting in remote locations.

Picture mode, waveform mode, vector scope mode, and status mode functions all include advanced features that allow you to precisely configure and tune the unit to meet your exact needs. This unit also includes a quad-display function, which allows for simultaneous, split-screen viewing of waveform, vector scope, sound detail, and picture. Additionally, an embedded audio output signal is included for tally signal identification. It accepts both HD and SD input signals (525i and 625i). Adjustment functions include contrast, brightness, chroma level, and chroma on/off.

This unit offers a freeze frame feature with the need for external equipment. It can be used to compare a live shot with a previously recorded frame (image and waveform). The front panel features (5) buttons that allow for quick and easy access to your preferred settings. This monitor supports battery-powered setups and comes with a standard Vlock battery mount .

Supplied in good working order, vlock battery plate attached, sides have Velcro option, base has 1/4” thread and the package includes sturdy aluminium flight case.


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