Professional Film Cameras

As the range of scope of products available in the film industry continues to rapidly expand, professional film cameras are becoming increasingly favourable. Cinematographers and directors can find a huge range of products on the Aimimage site, to satisfy a range of needs. 

Professional Film Cameras

It is very easy to find professional film cameras on our website, simply add your chosen products to your quote and we will be in touch to arrange the logistics. If you can’t see a product on the site it doesn’t mean we don’t have it, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out.  We have a huge range of products to help you with your project, from cameras and lenses to tripods, green screens and track. All our products are from top brands such as Sony, Cooke and Arri. Whatever the demands of your project, we will be able to put a package together for you. 

We have strong relationships with trusted suppliers and we have offered professional film camera hire services to a number of extremely professional production companies such as the BBC, ITV and The Discovery Channel. 



The Benefits Of Professional Film Cameras

Professional film cameras are beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Improved photo quality. High quality equipment is certain to produce better imagery and aesthetics than an average camera you get from your local store.
  • You can use a variety of visual effects to enhance your filming such as variation in shutter speed, time lapses, overexposure and fast shooting.
  • Amazing battery life. They last for longer durations which is ideal when filming lengthy scenes like wildlife documentaries.
  • Large variety of filters and lenses so a photographer has a fuller spectrum to work with and can achieve better angles.

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