Ready For The GoPro Hero5 Yet?

Ready For The GoPro Hero5 Yet?


Jonesing for more GoPro Hero5 news?

Got some Hero5  goodnes right here, right now. Nick Woodman, GoPro CEO held a conference about the company’s future plans at their fourth quarter earnings conference. And guess what? Woodman let slip some juicy bits about the impending release of the Hero5!

The Hero4 Silver and the Hero4 Black, GoPro’s best-selling cameras to date, were launched in September 2014. No upgrades to both models were released ever since, unlike with the Hero3. GoPro, instead came out with scaled-down Hero models. There is also, of course, the $200-price cut on the Hero4 Session, making it a popular item on every GoPro fan’s list.

The GoPro Hero4 Session

Woodman also announced their upcoming drone, Karma, will definitely work with other GoPro cams. This will allow Hero owner to buy the drone first then the Hero5 later on.

Talking about the potential features of the Hero5, Woodman only said to expect it to be the most convenient and connected GoPro ever. Woodman claims it would do a more superior job connecting to the user’s smartphone and to the cloud. The GoPro CEO also forecasted the released of easier editing apps in March.

As we approach the Hero5’s oft-rumored release date in October, more rumors and speculations are sprouting up everywhere about this highly-anticipated camera. We’d rather stick to the facts than talk about what the rumor mils are churning out.

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We here at Aimimage are excited to get our hands on the Hero5 when it finally comes out hopefully before the year ends.

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