Red Epic Dragon Rental : Camera and Film Equipment Rental with Aimimage

Red Epic Dragon Rental : Camera and Film Equipment Rental with Aimimage

Red Epic Dragon Rental and Film Equipment Rental with Aimimage

The Benefits of Red Epic Dragon Rental and Other Camera Hire.


We all know it’s not just the equipment that makes a good film, but a good camera such as Red Epic Dragon Rental certainly helps towards creating your masterpiece. So instead of splashing out all that cash on good quality equipment, which comes with a high price, why not try out a rent / hire from London, more precisely Aimimage?


Certain productions require specific gear and purchasing that can quickly leave you out of your pocket. So the answer is hiring your film equipment and we at Aimimage can offer you excellent service and products for fantastic prices.

Read below some of the many benefits that come with video equipment hiring:


Video Equipment Hire: Benefits

When hiring video equipment you have access to the best cameras, most expensive lenses and anything else that you will need for your production, such as Red Epic Dragon.

No need to worry about maintenance, we look after them and ensure that every gear we hire out is clean and fully working. Something breaks? We fix it – unless of course, you caused the issue.
– Good quality video equipment comes with a price and hiring it will give you a smaller cost up-front.

You can pick and mix your gear and customize it to your client or project.
– Hiring a camera is a perfect option to test it before purchasing it yourself.

We don’t just offer Cameras

– lenses
– audio and lighting equipment
– monitors and recorders
– jip and cranes
– tripods
– tracks


If your film production also requires a fully equipped film studio we can get you in touch with our sister company that is just up the road from our office – we have it all.


If you are looking for a rental place in London, then please get in touch today to find out more or have a browse online to have a look at our available gear.

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