RED Epic Hire — And The Best Wedding Photobooth

RED Epic Hire — And The Best Wedding Photobooth

RED Epic hire is trending*.


Or, if it’s not trending* now, it will be.  And for good reason.  As it turns out, the best wedding photobooth is a slow-motion video booth starring one of our favorites, the RED Epic.  Life just looks better at 160 frames per second.


Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.

You watched the whole thing, didn’t you? Four minutes of people you don’t know pfffting their lips and embracing and showering each other with confetti. Enjoying once in lifetime fun.  Captured at 160 frames per second, that party looks crazy-perfect, but any party would.   That is the power of the Red Epic.  Feel your heart swell?  That, too, is the Red Epic. (With a little help from everyone’s evident wedding joy.)  And the heart of the booth, PetaPixel points out, “was a RED Epic camera worth tens of thousands of dollars, a 18-50mm RED lens, and a monitor. There was also a white backdrop, random props for the guests, and four Konova 900 LED lights illuminating the booth.”


You want it at your next big event?  You got it.  The Tutorial:

Slow Motion Booth Tutorial! from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.


Now, let’s talk possibilities and Aimimage providing possibilities.  We are all about camera hire and, as these Super Frog Saves Tokyo fellas note, “not everyone can afford to spend 40k on a Red Epic to make a slow motion video booth.”  True.  But who said anything about buying one?  RED Epic hire, currently trending*.

*Apologies for use of the word “trending.”

Make that RED Epic hire happen here.

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