RED RAVEN: 4.5K At 120fps for $6K

RED RAVEN: 4.5K At 120fps for $6K


RED Digital Cinema released details about their newest addition to their growing family of top-shelf professional digital cameras since it was announced back in September 2015. Early adopters who pre-ordered the RED Raven will get theirs by February 2016.

Expect unboxing videos of their newest acquisition by then. RED claims that the Raven, with its power, compact and lightweight build, is a must-have  for documentary, news shooters,  and indie filmmakers. It is also expected to be a perfect camera for mid-sized drones and gimbals.


The RED Raven was initially announced as a 4K camera that would cost under $6000. It can shoot in glorious 4K at 120 frames per second. Currently priced at $5,950 just for the body alone (or the BRAIN as they call it), an expensive paperweight unless you shell out another $10,000 to be able to put into the RED Raven into action.

With the RED Raven’s price tag, it’s at the same price point as the very popular FS7 from Sony. The Blackmagic Mini from URSA and Sony’s FS5 costs a lot less, and slated to ship very soon. These are different cameras with a different set of features and functionalities – but whether these will affect the Raven’s successful release remains to be seen.


In October 2015, RED owners Jerry Land and Jim Jannard sat down and worked on a way to squeeze more power out from the Raven. By increasing the size of the sensor, they were able to bump the Raven’s resolution to 4.5K in 120 fps from the previous 4K.  Not only where they were able to up the camera’s resolution, engineers from RED where able to update some more specs:

  • The RED Raven can now shoot it 2k running at up to 240 fps.
  • The Raven’s dynamic range is 16.5 stops and an impressive pixel array of 4608 Horizontal x 2160 Vertical.
  • The Raven’s body weighs in at 3.5 lbs, perfect for drones and gimbals used in documentary shoots

RED engineers went hard work to upgrade a few more features which will come at no extra charge to the people who pre-ordered  the camera.

Want to take this amazing looking RED Raveb before finally buying it? You definitely can here at Aimimage. Comeback here regularly to find out – we might even post own unboxing video pretty soon.











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