Rent a Camera in London — Taking Cues from 24’s Jack Bauer

Rent a Camera in London — Taking Cues from 24’s Jack Bauer

Let’s say CTU agent Jack Bauer needs to rent a camera in London.


Back up: let’s say CTU agent Jack Bauer–the man, the legend, the insomniac–has returned.  Let’s say Jack Bauer never left, but has been in hiding, having one bad day after another.  He’s been biding his time and, now, the time (plus an imminent threat of terrorism in London) is finally ripe for his comeback.  Except don’t call it a comeback.  Jack won’t like that.  It’s called a return to form.

What better way to celebrate a return to true form than by filming it?  Hence the need to rent a camera in London.

To whom does Jack Bauer and his team at 24 turn when in a filmic pinch in central London?  Well, if that pinch concerns his camera hire needs, he turns to Aimimage.  Problem solved.

Rent a Camera in London

If he’s diffusing a bomb and/or rescuing his daughter, hypothetically abducted for the ninth time?  We can admit that the problem solving needed to avoid total world annihilation isn’t our forte.  We are experts in film production.  The best we can do is be a place, the place, to rent a camera in London.  The same goes for lens rental, grip hire, lighting kit hire–really all necessary professional film equipment hire.  We’ll even anticipate Jack’s needs before he does.  We know this because Aimimage was, in fact, the camera rental source for the upcoming 24: Live Another Day.  And if we did it once,we can do it again.  Should Jack Bauer ever find himself along the Thames again (NO SPOILERS).

24: Live Another Day will return to U.S. televisions with a two-hour premiere (covering 12pm- 2pm) on May 5, 2014, to kick off the abbreviated 12-episode arc.  The season should air in the UK shortly after.


24 live another day camera rental


We’d like thank Jack and his team at FOX’s 24 for turning to Aimimage and ICE Film for their camera hire needs.

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