Rent the Anamorphic/i S35 at Aimimage

Rent the Anamorphic/i S35 at Aimimage

The timeless Super35 Anamorphic lens is the route to exceptional levels of cinematography. 

The Anamorphic/i Super35s harness all the classic characteristics of anamorphic lenses, which are so desperately demanded by today’s filmmakers. These lenses encompass the well-loved Cooke Look, with distinctive oval bokeh and minimal variation in astigmatism, via focus and reduced lateral colour which maximises image quality.

The Anamorphic/i Super35s are a range of ten high-speed focal length lenses, ranging from 25mm to 300mm, each of which is colour-matched for different needs, perfectly encompassing the Cooke Look. The range also includes a macro focus 85mm lens.

Offering superb optical and mechanical performance, rendering images beautifully for film and digital alike, and correcting aberrations like astigmatism, and longitudinal colour perfectly, are just a few things the Anamorphic/i Super35 lenses are capable of.

These lenses come with the option of being manufactured with proprietary coatings which enable kick flares, bokeh and other aberrations, so you can explore new visual territory.

And, better yet, you can save time and costs by streamlining the production and post-production phases with the Anamorphic/i Super 35 range. Say farewell to the days of manually recording lens settings, these lenses offer enhanced accuracy of data points. This means more precise visual effects and 3D models, at faster rates. 

If you want to find out more about what the Anamorphic/i Super 35 range is capable of, just get in touch with us. This exceptional range of lenses is available to hire at Aimimage.

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