Rent Camera Equipment Online

If you are looking to rent camera equipment online, at Aimimage you will be spoilt for choice. We have a huge selection of cameras, accessories and equipment available for rent. We stock brands such as Sony, Arri, Red and GoPro and have a range of products available such as lenses, rain deflectors, and cameras as well as lighting, track and tripods.

It is easy to rent camera equipment online from Aimimage, simply browse the site and add products to your quote, then we will get in touch with more information. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call and we can talk through your project, or equipment needs, and recommend you the best selection. Our camera equipment is available to rent online, and can be hired in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Rent Camera Equipment Online

Camera Equipment Available Online

Hiring camera equipment online is useful when your project has particular needs that must be met. We have a solid relationship with many suppliers and so often we are the first choice for cinematographers when it comes to hiring equipment for feature films, documentaries and TV dramas. But, we also offer our services to beginners and those who hire the equipment for personal use.

Renting camera equipment online is quick and convenient, it also takes off the burden of storing, cleaning and maintaining the equipment, as we take that responsibility. We thoroughly test and inspect all equipment before hiring it out, so you can get the best quality kit.

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