Rent The Canon EOS C300 PL at AimImage

Rent The Canon EOS C300 PL at AimImage

The Canon C300 PL high definition digital camera is an interchangeable-lens camera that produces exceptional imaging performance. Its expandability to meet the demanding production needs of the filming industry makes it the perfect camera for any project, whether large and small, on location or in the studio, from shoestring to Hollywood budgets.

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SMPTE HD Standards

Featuring a unique Super 35mm Canon CMOS sensor, revolutionary Canon DIGIC DV III Image Processor and 50 Mbps 4:2:2 codec, this camera provides great cinema quality movie capture.

Its compatibility with Canon’s PL-mount cinema lenses as well as third party accessories make it easy to operate. Designed with SMPTE HD production standards, its MPEG-2 codec is an internationally recognized standard compatible with major NLE applications. In addition, Canon Log ensure seamless integration with existing production workflows, making post-production easy.

Wide Dynamic Range and High ISO Ability

Not only does it offer high resolution and shallow depth of field, the EOS C300 PL also integrates the CMOS sensor which provides high sensitivity and low noise. Working together, Canon’s Super 35mm sensor and DIGIC DV III Image Processor achieve a remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio that enables recordings with great detail and dynamic range even in minimal light.

Worried about a dark and stormy night? With the EOS C300 PL, it’s no problem. The combination of sensor and image processor render an astonishing signal-to-noise ratio which make shooting at high ISO a breeze.

Camera Equipment Rental

At Aimimage, we offer world class  camera equipment rental services at affordable package deals. Our professional and friendly staff will gladly offer advice in selecting the optimum video, grip, and lighting combinations for a successful production.

We understand that no two projects are the same and you can rely on our many years of experience. We will make sure all your film equipment hire needs are fully met. We highly invest and stay ahead of the technological innovations so we can better serve our clients.

Got questions about our services? Please do not hesitate to contact us at 020 7391 2650. We are waiting to hear from you.

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