Rent the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition at Aimimage

Rent the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition at Aimimage

GoPro has quickly become one of the most anticipated camcorders ever produced. Never has a camera encouraged more people to try more things than the Hero series.

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is a great action camera. Its 1/2.3 in. sensor performs well in low light and is capable of taking 12-megapixel photos. It can record 30fps 1080p videos which is perfect for YouTube, as well as smoother 60fps 720p footage.

Small and Handy

With its miniscule size (compared to other professional cameras) and amazingly high-resolution images, the GoPro Hero3 is great for capturing and sharing personal action. The professional quality images that the camera produces are what have made it a hit with cinematographers, photographers and film enthusiasts.

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The small size also means that some features one would expect to find on a digital video or still camera are strangely unavailable. There is no viewfinder on the Hero3, and no on-board LCD screen for playing back video or reviewing photos. But don’t worry, this can easily be compensated with GoPro’s new iOS and Android apps.

By pairing the Hero3 with the app, it is possible to view what the camera is shooting in near real-time. It also makes video playback and photo reviews simple and seamless.

Awesome Camera Modes

The Hero3 has five basic camera modes which can be accessed through a menu on the tiny LCD screen on the front of the camera: photo, photo burst, time lapse, and playback. In photo burst mode the Hero3 will shoot up to 30 images a second.

In time-lapse mode the Hero3 can be set for shooting one photo every .5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds for the epic shots of clouds rolling across the sky, or snow falling on cedars.

Camera Equipment Rental

Design and Aesthetics

The Hero3 Black Edition is well designed and easy to use. The button on the front turns the camera on and scrolls through the various menus, while the button on the top selects options in the menus and starts recording.

There are recording lights (red LEDs flashes) on three of the camera’s sides, so you always know when you’re capturing footage. The Black Edition also comes with a 3-way pivot arm, which lets you mount the camera facing pretty much any way you please.

Our Camera Equipment Rental services offer you the assurance of getting great results. We know that no two projects are the same and you can rely on our wealth of experience. We will simplify matters for you; we will help you create your best work.

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