Rent HD Zoom Lenses: The CANON HJ40X14B IASD OPT SHFT

Rent HD Zoom Lenses: The CANON HJ40X14B IASD OPT SHFT

The Canon HJ40x14B, along with the HJ40x10B is one of the best portable HD EFP lens Canon has to offer, not to mention that it is also one of the most sought-after professional photography equipment hire kits we have today.

It is designed specifically for broadcasters and producers involved in natural history, documentary, and other challenging location shoots that require excellent image captures in extended distances.

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Built-in image stabilizers make these lenses so popular in the industry, performing in the most rugged conditions and difficult terrain such as in aerial shoots and sporting events.

The HJx14B can extend to 1120mm, and its mechanical design coupled with its unrivaled optical stabilization feature delivers rock steady high definition captures even in the most extreme conditions.

The HJ40X14B can effectively meet the demands of creative flexibility and high portability when performing top-end HDTV captures at extended focal lengths.

This is made possible with the dual lens system that helps achieve broader shooting options, sufficient sensitivity, maximum image contrast, and the highest possible MTF preservation over extended focal ranges.

Maximum contrast is achieved using the HJX14B via superb control over black reproduction through mechanical and optical design optimization that keeps veiling glare, any internal reflections, and flare to a minimum.

It is not surprising that quite a number of production groups prefer to rent HD zoom lenses such as the HJx14B, as renting equipment is cost-effective and brings more flexibility.

The HJ40x14B, when partnered with the HJ40x10B, has been incorporated with five essential technological enhancements to meet the rigorous demands of today’s high-end HDTV portable camcorders and cameras.

Optical technologies

  • Breakthrough optical materials eschewed with latest advancements in lens element design, and in multi-layer coatings ensure unparalleled pristine imaging capabilities. Look for the e-HDxs logo, this assures these technologies are inherent in the lens system.

Internal focus

  • Canon introduced an advanced floating optical system, another design innovation for enhanced control of on chromatic aberrations.

Power optics

  • Specialized materials, multi-layer coatings, cutting-edge optical design – all combined to produce stellar imagery.

Crossover technology

  • Seamless switching from 16:9 to 4:3 aspect ratio imagery.

Digital technologies

  • Enhanced third generation digital servo systems utilizing Canon’s 16-bit optical encoder devices promises unprecedented value-added creativity.

Improved digital drive technology

  • The HJx14B comes with a microcomputer-controlled servo system that embodies user-defined functions and position memory that provides the user full creative control over shaping images being captured by the camera’s sensors.
  • Focus is at 1.5 seconds with maximum zoom speed of 0.5 seconds

Image stabilization technologies 

  • Incorporates the much-ballyhooed “Optical Shift Image Stabilizer” that can eliminate image instabilities particularly at the lens’s telephoto extremes.

Mechanical Technologies

  • Mounted at a 12.5 degree angle to the lens, the servo drive unit provides full balance and comfort.
  • The body is made of magnesium alloy, making the lens highly durable and light weight.

Ecological design

Canon is committed to using materials and substances that are not harmful to the environment. All optics are lead-free, and all other substances proven to be potentially hazardous have been removed from the composite lens.

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