Scare Tactics: Making A Horror Movie – Part 2

Scare Tactics: Making A Horror Movie – Part 2

It’s the 2nd part of our making a horror movie feature.

This time we get down and dirty with some of the more technical aspects of the genre and find out some more helpful insight on making a horror movie.

The Plot and the Characters

Good character development always go hand in hand with an equally good plot. We easily get sucked into the story when we are emotionally attached to the characters. We feel the fear they are feeling. We want them to pull through and reach their objective. Get your characters to that level, and your work is halfway done for you.

The same applies to the formulaic killing off of a supporting character. It is crucial to pick the just the right time to make viewers dreadful and about their demise.

Be Ultra-creative with Space and Technique when Making a Horror Movie

Horror is a successfully popular genre because it is allowed a great deal of freedom to manipulate film making, say skewing camera angles, or skillfully timed editing to set the audience up for a good scare.

Another conventional technique is called the Dark Voyeur point of view. It is actually a framing device used to create the feeling of having a malevolent other eyeballing the character. There is also employing deep focus photography techniques that make the background of every single shot becomes part of the suspense-building. Drawing the audience’s attention to something off in the distance can create a very unsettling feeling.

Taking Care of the When and the Where

Another effective way of espousing a fear of the unknown when making a horror movie. Choose an eerie setting, somewhere your audience is unfamiliar with. If in case the story line and choice of villain or monster have been established, reconsidering the setting can allow you more freedom to get frighteningly creative with the unknown.

Plausible Horror

Remember the believable characters we all can empathize with? Keep the baddies grounded to reality as much as you can to make them more believable and realistic. Nothing can be more unnerving that finding something or someone you know (or assume to already know) turns out to be otherwise.

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