The Sony Burano Camera Lands At Aimimage

The Sony Burano Camera Lands At Aimimage

The Sony Burano Camera Lands At Aimimage

Sony has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible, with the Sony Burano 8K camera. 

This camera is another testament to the brand’s continual commitment to innovation. The Sony Burano has landed with a huge number of powerhouse features, that will help creatives redefine the art of photography/videography, excelling to new heights.

In this article we will review the features of the Sony Burana, exploring the capabilities of this game-changing camera.

Revolutionising 8K:

The most attractive feature of the Sony Burano is its groundbreaking, 8K resolution. This camera boasts 4x the amount of pixels of 4K, opening up new possibilities when it comes to filming, offering breathtaking detail and clarity. The Sony Burano offers unrivalled levels of hyper-realism, whether you’re snapping a quick still or recording video.

A New Level of Cinematography:

The Sony Burano marks the start of a new era when it comes to cinema cameras. It takes the superior image quality and usability of the Venice, but repackages these traits, in a way that is appropriate for solo/small team productions. 

Not only is it more powerful than the Venice 2, but it is actually a third lighter to boot. The Sony Burano is Sony’s smallest CineAlta camera and yet simultaneously the most technically advanced.

Stable Shooting:

Shooting in 8K is even simpler than you imagine. The Sony Burano is the world’s first PL mount compatible camera, plus, it comes with a built-in stabilisation system. The Burano features a not-seen-before combination of Sony’s unique electronic variable ND filter system, with in-body image stabilisation, packaged in a full-frame PL and E-mount cinema camera. For the first time in a CineAlta camera, Fast Hybrid and Subject Recognition mean you can get the shots you want, even in the most challenging scenarios.

Adapts To You:

The Sony Burano is a camera that is capable of adapting to you and your style of shooting. The multi-purpose, touch screen LCD monitor allows you to quickly and easily configure the camera for different shooting styles. Plus, the lightweight body and ergonomic balance make switching between shoulder mount, hand held, gimbal or drone, effortless. Whether you want to configure for large projects or a solo shoot, it’s all possible with the Sony Burano.

Want To Know What Else This Camera Offers?

The Sony Burano has recently landed at Aimimage, so, if you want to see Sony’s latest powerhouse piece of kit with your own eyes, get in touch to talk to us about our hire options.

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