Spotlight: The 35mm Lens

Spotlight: The 35mm Lens

If you have done some research about the 35mm lens, you may have seen that photographers are divided on whether or not they think its useful.

Here are some benefits of using 35mm lens:

  • Focal length – Many say that this lens has come to be the closest to the focus of the human eye, making the video more realistic for the viewer because of the vantage point.
  • Versatile – These lens are very practical to lug around because you can use them with almost any type of shots: landscape or portrait, street or travel shots, product or real estate photography. You can take both close up and wide angle shots using the same lens. It also works well both indoors and outdoors.
  • Video – The 35mm lens is also great for capturing video. Its just wide enough so that there is no camera shake, but not too wide that its hard to focus on the subject.
  • Low light – Many photographers say that it is easier to shoot in low light using a 35mm lens. It has a wider depth of field and is more resistant to camera shake. This great low light performance applies to both photos and videos.
  • Compact – The 35mm lens is small and light, making it ideal to travel or walk around with.

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