Cashing in on the show’s unwavering popularity, Ruth Jones confirmed that talks about series five is already underway just as the fourth series is still ruling the roost in Sky’s TV comedy line up.  While it is true that Ruth has something cooking for BBC, she and Sky affirmed the fact that they are both not ready to close the doors on Stella.


Stella is set in Pontberry, a fictional town located in the Welsh Valleys, and tells a funny and heart-warming tale of a single mother of three trying to make do with meagre resources. Ruth stars as the lead role and is one the show’s writers as well.

Already in her 40’s, Stella iron clothes for the neighbours to make a living. In spite of the glum state she and her family are in, she still manages to provide for her children with what little she has. She also cheered on by the shows peculiar but supportive characters.

What makes Stella so special and memorable are its real-as-dirt characters. Stella’s eldest, Luke is imprisoned for stealing a few cars. Her best friend is an alcoholic funeral director; Karl, her dull ex-husband is dating a much younger woman. There’s Alan as well, a friend who still have the hots for her since grade school.

And then there’s Auntie Brenda with her sharp tongue and loud voice. There is also the incomprehensible Daddy character who talks virtually gibberish only locals understand and which outsiders don’t.

With series 5 already under negotiation, there’s no denying the fact the show is still raking in the numbers for Sky ever since it debuted in January 6th, 2012. Characters have come and gone, celebrities are still making cameo appearances, sometimes as themselves, but Stella have found her way into her audience’s hearts and managed to warm it this past few years.

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