‘Into the Storm’ has the Best Effects Anyone Could Ask for

‘Into the Storm’ has the Best Effects Anyone Could Ask for

Maybe someday, in a distant future, the special effects in ‘Into the Storm’ will make the audiences snigger. But today, it’s just hard to imagine any other movie overcoming the killer tornadoes causing massive destruction to the Midwest.

Imagine this: An enormous tornado rips its way into a petrol station. The station explodes, and within a few seconds, fire is siphoned all the way up into the deadly vortex so now it’s a pyro-tornado, burning and destroying everything in sight. The special effects are simply amazing.

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The movie begins with high school kids in a car at night, watching as a tornado sucks up the streetlights ahead. They see nothing, just odd little explosions coming closer – and then they’re airborne.

“I remember seeing ‘Twister’ when I was young and really enjoying it,” Director Quale says. “The big difference between that movie and our movie is that ‘Twister’ focused mainly on storm chasers following the tornadoes, whereas our film has everything from high school students to some crazy YouTube video guys to our storm chasers and even a professional video guy who’s just obsessed about getting the shot”.

Quale’s behind-the-scenes creative team consists of several members of his “Final Destination 5” roster, including director of photography Brian Pearson, production designer David R. Sandefur, editor Eric Sears and composer Brian Tyler, as well as costume designer Kimberly Adams (associate costume designer the “Chronicles of Narnia” films).

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“Today allows a much more realistic and immersive experience because the technology has evolved so much, you can simulate these things in the computer and make them look as real as you can,” he notes. “In the past, it was just too difficult to do those sorts of things. It’s a very liberating time we live in.”

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From its earliest days, films have utilized visual magic ‘smoke and mirrors’ to create illusions and effects that have amazed audiences. In-camera effects like superimpositions were created by using miniatures, matte paintings and back projection. Today, more modern techniques are used for casting incredible special effects.

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There’s definitely a level of complexity behind the awesome effects. With ingenious film-making techniques, expertise and spectrum of creative skills, the crew masterfully plotted every random thing you see in the screen. The special-effects sequences are jaw-droppingly splendid throughout the movie.

Into the Storm captures the magnificence of tornadoes, their awful beauty when they set down, the devastation they wreak, and the enormity of their consequences. The film features a rich array of well-developed characters, including the storm itself which makes it ever more involving as it unfolds.

Are you excited to watch more movies with great special effects? With the digital movie industry’s rapid progress and innovation, expect more awesome films to come.

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