Super 16mm Lenses are Now Compatible With the ARRI AMIRA

Super 16mm Lenses are Now Compatible With the ARRI AMIRA


Despite ARRI not announcing any new cameras at the NAB 2016, they still amazed everyone with their latest firmware updates for existing models. Their most recent software update SUP 4.0 for their models ARRI AMIRA included a lot of the features the latest firmware update for the ARRI MINI has. One of their new features now allows users to pair the AMIRA with the Super 16 format lenses.


The new features of the SUP 4.0 include:

– Super 16 ProRes mode
– Multicam mode
– Support for CCP-1 Camera control Panel
– Selectable Viewfinder Zoom position
– Extended SDI Metadata
– Longer Exposure Times
-Transvideo Monitor Improvements

There has been a high demand regarding the Super 16 format lenses in combination with the AMIRA, as to which ARRI has introduced the ProRes S16 HD recording mode. However, that specific mode is currently only available with the AMIRA SUP 4.0.

The new mode takes a Super 16-sized crop from the sensor and scales it to a 16:9 HD picture in any ProRes codec. The image circle is 15.1 mm, which is slightly larger than the traditional Super 16 image circle of 14.5 mm. Many lenses designed for Super 16 will cover the new recording mode without any vignetting inside the image area, but testing is always advisable.’


The super 16 optics can be easily obtained at a rental house, but are usually underused. With the new S16 HD mode it allows economically priced, high-quality lenses to be used with the AMIRA range and leads to higher profit for rental companies.


The Multicam model is also only available with AMIRA models at the moment, it is a superb addon that will allow users to use multiple devices from one controlling mode. This can be especially handy for concerts or live events and in the TV and Film industry.

It’s a very straight forward mode that enables multiple AMIRA cameras to be used by one Sony Remote Control Panel. It lets the operator change settings such as ISO or White Balance and allows remote shooting. The multicam mode was already introduced with the AMIRA SUP 3.0, the new update offers improvements and will continuously be updated and evolved.



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