Alexa 35: Take Cinematography To The Next Level

Alexa 35: Take Cinematography To The Next Level

The ALEXA 35 is the latest addition to the prestigious ARRI ALEXA camera family. This camera raises the bar even further with REVEAL Colour science and a new Super 35 format 4.6K sensor. Here are some other phenomenal features that make the ALEXA 35 camera a revelation for cinematography.

Features Of The Alexa 35

Quick and Simple Operation

ALEXA 35 is officially the smallest fully-featured ARRI production camera of all time. It includes the features and processing power of a larger ALEXA which is integrated into a mini-sized body while possessing the capacity to record in 4K at a speed of 120 fps.

Quick and simple operation is guaranteed because of many usability enhancements and a basic menu structure that will be vastly familiar to crews. In a nutshell, the ALEXA 35 is the most prolific A camera, B camera and action camera combined into one incredible piece of equipment.

A Variety Of Lens Choice

The ALEXA 35 camera can be used with a variety of lenses. This includes spherical, anamorphic, vintage and modern options as well Super 35 and large-format. Therefore, if you want to capture stunning visuals with ARRI cameras while fulfilling native 4K mandates, you have a much broader lens choice.

A Wide Range Of Recording Formats

ALEXA 35 has a total of 19 Apple ProRes and ARRIRAW recording formats, consisting of anamorphic de-squeezing and downsampling which enables you to optimise data rate, resolution and a range of other parameters, based on your requirements.

Extremely Flexible

The ARRI camera is also built for flexibility with its five interchangeable lens mounts, two scratch mics and internal FSND filters. Hence, whatever your shooting requirements, the ALEXA 35 is superbly versatile. Not to mention, other impressive features it has like a body-mounted LBUS connector, built-in serial port for distance measuring devices and a hot-pluggable viewfinder.

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