Technology Innovator Ted Schilowitz’s Bold Moves in Cinema’s Future

Technology Innovator Ted Schilowitz’s Bold Moves in Cinema’s Future

Innovator and futurist Ted Schilowitz has joined the Barco team as its ‘CinemaVangelist’ to drive innovation in the film industry. The collaboration will center around the launch of CinemaBarco, and bring classic Hollywood showmanship back to the theatre. As a leader in digital cinema projection, Barco is innovating and setting a new standard for a more engaging and powerful experiences in cinema.

‘Ted brings a refreshing, childlike enthusiasm combined with his unique brand of disruption toward our efforts in creating new, exhilarating and communal entertainment experiences. Best of all, he reminds us just how much we can achieve when we kick our mutual talents into high gear, and have fun doing it! What we have to show you at Cinemacon is a result of all that good work’ says Todd Hoddick, Global Entertainment for Barco Vice President.

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CinemaBarco celebrates the arts and sciences of movies that can be implemented all throughout the cinema to create a rather captivating user experience that begins as soon as the movie goers enter the lobby.

Not his first unusual title

Ted was ‘leader of the rebellion’ when he was topper of Red Camera Co. In addition to that, he also holds the title ‘futurist-consigliere’ under his consulting deal for Fox. He advices and creates strategy on future technology and vision for the next generation of movie entertainment.

‘(CinemaVangelist) really puts a fine point on what I’m actually doing, which is evangelizing the cinema of the future and the cinema of today, and exploring what the means’ says Schilowitz. ‘Connecting technology to the human stories of where technology and image meet, is what I’ve done in the past within a number of different companies. I was that guy out in the world teaching people how technology relates to them and why it’s so important to them, and that’s part of what I’m bringing to Barco and their whole new vision of cinema.’

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Ted has made a significant impact on the Film Industry with many of the world’s biggest that are now being shot using high resolution digital movie cameras.

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