The Teradek Bolt 600 is a zero latency (<1ms) wireless system capable of transmitting 1080p60, 4:2:2 uncompressed video for up to 2000 feet using the unlicensed 5Ghhz frequency. All Bolt models can multicast using 4 receivers, metadata pass-through and support timecode and also feature the USB 3 Grab engine.

bolt pro 600

Showcasing all of the awesome features of the Bolt 300, plus an OLED screen as an interface for quick RX pairing, external antennas, manual frequency selection, and this wireless system can transmit to a distance of up to 600 feet line of sight. The Bolt 600 is available in 3-G SDI, dual I/O, and HDMI models.

The Bolt 600 is more compact than previous Teradek Bolt models, with the receiver unit is housed in heavy duty ABS plastic shell, while the transmitter is encased in milled aluminium. Cost-effective and requires less power to operate, the transmitter unit only needs about 4W of power, the receiver only 6W.

For extended hours of use, there is the Lemo DC input that connects to an external power source such as AB Gold-mount or V-mount batteries. The Bolt Pro also comes with an internal Lithium-ion battery that can provide up to an hour of run time which can be charged through it Lemo DC input

The receiver and transmitter have LED indicators for link and video signals. Four LEDs on the transmitter show internal battery strength; more LED’s on the side of the TX unit show DC power in, video signal, and battery charging levels.

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