The Amazing Emily Barker Composes Musical Score for “Hector”

The Amazing Emily Barker Composes Musical Score for “Hector”

Emily Barker, the award-winning singer-composer from Down Under is hard at work on the musical score for the Peter Mullan-starrer Hector, a truly moving tale of a homeless man surviving off the motorways of Britain. A sad revelation prompts our transient hero to a longing search for his estranged family in the dead of winter.

In an interview with Reuters, the multi-talented singer enthused that director Jake Gavin gave her ideas on creating the musical score for the movie. Being away from home, she added that her own sense of rootlessness and personal experiences proved very helpful as well.

Barker was also thankful for having been able to write the composition as the film production progressed, taking ideas from the movie script as well. She experimented with a diverse range of instrumentation such as the piano, electronica, steel pedal, just to name a few, along with her band The Red Clay Halo.

Hector is scheduled for a nationwide release on December 11th, and while we wait, enjoy the latest trailer from the movie.




















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