The ARRI Alexa Mini

The ARRI Alexa Mini

ARRI has recently released the Alexa Mini, a well-rounded addition to the ARRI Alexa pedigree. Lightweight and compact, the Alexa Mini delivers unsurpassed image quality that has the Alexa lineage consistently setting the bar in digital camera technology.

alexa mini


What makes the Alexa Mini so special? ARRI took all the best features and the capabilities of the first Alexa then crammed it all into a compact and more versatile, weatherproof carbon fiber package.

The Alexa Mini is so lightweight it can easily be mounted on a multicopter or a gimbal. This is ARRI’s answer to the compact RED Dragon. It features the same powerful sensors employed by the Amira and the Alexa, which means it can capture images internally with the usual ARRI ProRes 4444 format XQ in full 16:9 HD, in 4K UHD, 3.2K, and 2K Cine.

There were some who where hoping that the Alexa will be offered at a friendlier price range to level with other  lower priced cameras. But alas, those were the same people whose hopes were doused when the camera’s actual price (somewhere between 32,500 EUR to 36,000 EUR after license upgrades) was finally announced.

The price range for the Alexa Mini is reasonable, what with its capabilities and how it it can be harnessed for various productions. While it will not come as a surprise that this camera will not be snapped up straightaway by early adopters, the Alexa Mini would make a for a great professional camera equipment hire.

Productions making the Alexa XT as a primary camera will surely consider the Alexa Mini as its secondary camera. Moreover, the Alexa Mini with its compact design, can boldly squeeze into places where its bigger brother can’t.

Imagine shooting from car floor, or mounted on a drone, or even shooting in the ocean, with the greatest of ease and the power of a high-end ARRI camera. No matter the application, high quality images that truly match are 100% possible when moving to camera A and to B. More streamlined workflows, anyone?

Considering the Alexa Mini’s high price point, it’s the perfect rental camera. You can hire the Alexa Mini from Aimimage at affordable package rates. We also carry a full range of professional film equipment  –  from lenses to lights to grip  – if we don’t have it (which is rare), shoot we’ll make sure to find one for you.

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