The ARRI SIGNATURE PRIME T1.8 available to hire from Aimimage

The ARRI SIGNATURE PRIME T1.8 available to hire from Aimimage

We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with a wide selection of equipment allowing them to achieve the exact narrative the filmmakers are cultivating.

Our inventory features high-functioning cameras as well as deep focus lenses that can perform during all weather conditions, meaning our clients can make incredibly watchable TV and film that stands the test of time.

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Arri Signature Prime T1.8

One of our most sought after editions, the Arri Signature Lens does just that. The lightweight, wide-angle lens captures images intensely, deeply focussed and perfect for highlighting your subject; from natural, beautiful skin tone pick up to capturing vivid colours from backgrounds, nature and landmarks.

Our team at Aimimage cannot help but be excited about the Arri Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 Lens. The impressive, high-tech and slick piece of equipment is one of the most effective filming aides available today.

With features that include:

  • Large-Format Sensor Size
  • ARRI LPL LDS-2 Mount
  • T1.8 to T22 Aperture Range for a shallow depth
  • Geared Focus
  • Aperture Control Rings
  • Compact and lightweight build made from magnesium and aluminium
  • Focal range from 12 to 280mm
  • An 11-blade iris creates a softer and fluid response
  • A strong fore and background bokeh – perfect visual quality
  • Anti-reflective coatings and light traps reduce any internal flare that might appear with filming.
Arri Signature Prime T1.5

The Arri Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 Lens speeds up shots, set ups are swift, editing and metadata capturing capabilities are easy to use, which means less time spent on post-production, while being compatible with Arri’s LDS-1 and Cooke’s/I Technology. The lens also comes with a number of compatible accessories including protector filters, protective wrapping, lens options and a deluxe cleaning kit as well as easy to replace parts. This lens really can be used year-round and is fit for all seasons.

If you have a film or tv project and you want to enquire about the availability of the Arri Signature Prime Lens or any of our equipment, Contact us and our team will happily discuss your options.

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