‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week’ – The Beatles BAFTA award Nomination

‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week’ – The Beatles BAFTA award Nomination

The Beatles BAFTA award nomination

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make” – The Beatles


The most recent Beatles Documentary has been considered to be the best one yet and was directed by the film legend Ron Howard in cooperation with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison. Together they created a masterpiece of unseen touring, interview and music footage that was loved by every Beatles fan.

The Documentary

Back in September, we published a post regarding a new collaboration with the very talented director Ron Howard’s on his great documentary about The Beatles called ‘Eights Days A Week’. Since the documentary was released many have watched it, loved it and expressed their fondness for it on social media:

Beatles BAFTA award

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‘A neat work of editing gives fans a fresh experience with the Beatles. Lotsa concert footage. Good stuff.’ – Rotten Tomatoes

‘Ron Howard’s rock doc remembers when John, Paul, Ringo and George were one of the best live bands ever to take a stage’ – Rolling Stones


To find out more about the documentary read our previous post with all the details:



The BAFTA Nomination

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts is an independent charity that supports excellent films, the crew, actors and everyone else involved in a film production and awards them during a beautifully organised ceremony. They also have events and workshops that teach those interested in the film industry which is available in the UK, USA  and Asia. Those events connect creatives with the right people for ongoing support and partnerships.

It’s an honour to announce that ‘The Beatles: Eight Days A Week’ has been nominated for the best documentary this year and we cannot wait to find out in February if this excellent film will also impress the jury enough for a win. In case they don’t, it’s still our favourite documentary we helped produce in 2016.

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