The Best Camera Accessories for Inclement Weather

The Best Camera Accessories for Inclement Weather

You, and your camera, need to be ready to shoot at the drop of a hat, no matter what the weather is doing. Although the idea of shooting in the pouring rain may not sound appealing, it can be the perfect way to capture a dramatic image. Alternatively, if you are working in genres such as sport or wildlife, you have little choice over when to shoot, the show must go on come rain or shine.

Many mid to high end DSLR and mirrorless cameras are now weather sealed, however, that doesn’t mean they are 100% waterproof. They are only sealed up to a point and they won’t necessarily survive a serious downpour. Therefore, you may want to look into camera accessories that will protect your kit when the skies open.

Rain Proofing your Camera

If you are trying to shoot through a bit of light drizzle you could employ the help of a rain deflector. A rain deflector offers a quick and simple way to prevent rain from interrupting your shoot. Most rain deflectors make use of a spinning filter which rotates several hundred times a minute and creates a centrifugal effect, encouraging the rain drops to accelerate away from the centre of rotation, and protecting your camera from pesky rain drops.

Protecting Your Camera from Cold Weather

It’s not only rain that can present problems for your camera, but cold weather can also bring difficulties, and so you may also want to invest in a cold weather camera cover. A cold weather camera cover is essentially a warm coat for your camera. Most camera batteries function best between 20-25ºC, below that temperature the chemical reactions inside the battery will slow down and so the battery will drain faster. A cold weather camera can also protect against humidity, moisture and frost and it will keep your hands warm when you are changing the camera settings.

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