The Canon C300 Mark II has Arrived!

The Canon C300 Mark II has Arrived!

The Canon C300 Mark II is the successor to the very popular C300. After listening closely to C300 communities from all around the world,  Canon engineers went to work to incorporate major improvements to the C300 Mk II to raise the benchmark where all other DSLR cameras are judged, and may have even beat the C500.

The Mark II promises to deliver far better image quality, improved dynamic range, durability and expandability. Given the fact that the C300 Mark II did not change in the form factor department, it still carries improvements that would make it perfect in today’s broadcast environments.

One major feature improvement that will definitely excite broadcast and cinema-style shooters is the C300 Mk II’s ability to record in 4K, in either UHD or DCI 4K resolutions. In addition to this  very important feature, the camera comes with a mean, 9.84 MP, Super 35mm CMOS sensor using DIGIC DV5 image processors and a 15-stop dynamic range courtesy of the new Log2 technology which is by far,  superior to that of the first C300 and Sony’s FD.

The Mark II will come optional with either PL or EF mounts that could suit any operator preference. With the EF mount, users will be able to feel the power of the C300 Mk II’s DUAL Pixel, CMOS AF. This technology enables very useful autofocus modes of the Mark II possible (e.g., Face recognition) including AF capabilities when used in conjunction with Canon EF lenses.


Storing recordings in 4k is now a lot quicker on the new CFast memory cards, replacing the dual compact flash cards of the previous C300. MXF and MPEG-4 AVC/H is still the norm for video file compression. Topping these internal recording capabilities, the C300 Mark II allows video output in 4K RAW; a new feature that will surely sell a great deal of Mark IIs. Canon also promises 2K and HD recordings in 120 fps, which is twice the power of the old C300.

The Mark II now comes with a smaller EVF than its predecessor’s. A gorgeous OLED screen for accurate and highly detailed picture viewing replaced the back-lit display of the first C300. The EVF moves up and down and is able to adjust up to 60 degrees. The diopter range can be tweaked accordingly for optimal vision correction.

Another change fans of the C300 won’t fail to notice is the Mark II’s rearranged button layout for a more thoughtful and intuitive operability, including the red Start/Stop button on the left side of the camera.

Scheduled to be released in September, 2015, you will soon be able to hire the Canon C300 Mk II, but in the meantime, why not take a look at our top shelf line-up of DSLR camera hire kits

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