The FUJINON CABRIO 19-90MM T2.9 ZOOM LENS: Hire it now at Aimimage!

The FUJINON CABRIO 19-90MM T2.9 ZOOM LENS: Hire it now at Aimimage!

The Cabrio 19-90 T2.9, or ZK4.7×19, is a very well-known zoom lens line from Fujinon and has been regarded as one with the longest range in its category. The ZK4.7×19 feature a detachable servo unit, which makes it a lot more versatile as it can be used as your standard PL lens as effectively as an be an ENG-style lens.

This removable unit has built-in motors to support focus, zoom, and iris. A rocker switch controls the zoom. In addition, the drive unit is 16-bit encoding capable, and has a remote control interface for wired and wireless operation using a Fujinon controller or any third party compatible device.


This 19-90mm focal range zoom lens also comes with a flange for adjusting focal distance, as well as support for lens data system or LDS.

Cinematographers will be glad to know that they’ll feel right at home with the ZK4.7×19, including videographers who prefer using a normal ENG-style of shooting. The lens is fully compatible with industry standard matte boxes and cine motors with the servo drive detached.

The Cabrio 19-90 MM provides the cine-style shooter essential lens data output.h /imetadata support which is crucial when recording zoom information, and other applications. Covering 31.5mm sensor size on a digital camera (cinema style), the ZK4.7×19’s zoom lens make sure captured images cover large sensors for superior, full-frame resolution.

The 9-blade iris in the lens helps deliver the best natural-looking imagery there is. Users of the ZK4.7×19 will find the luminous barrel markings handy when shooting in dark places. Regardless if your background is in film or shooting videos, the ZK4.7×19 promises one-of-a-kind flexibility and unparalleled quality.

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To book the CABRIO 19-90MM T2.9 for your next production or to talk through its features, please feel free to call us at 020 7391 2650. We look forward to hearing from you.

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