The Next Step In Power: The Mini X-Boxx Floor Battery

The Next Step In Power: The Mini X-Boxx Floor Battery

The Mini X-Boxx floor battery is here and it is bringing unparalleled levels of power. 

The Hawks-Wood brand has established itself firmly in the market. It is relied on for delivering reliable power for demanding equipment, such as lighting or professional film cameras. Hawks-Wood’s X-Boxx range has stood the test of time, proving itself as a robust and lasting piece of kit. 

Now, there is a new charger on the market. The X-Boxx mini gives you all the advantages and features you already know and love but with even more benefits. What’s not to like? 

The X-Boxx Mini, as the name suggests, is more compact than its competitors and predecessors. You can monitor power consumption with the handy graphic display, which features run time remaining, battery voltage and accurate charging status. 

The lightweight box offers a whopping 880Wh of power capacity, along with four outputs, 2 x XlR4 14v and 2x XLR3 28v, each of which is mounted on regulated chassis connectors. 

Best of all, the X-Boxx Mini features a built-in charger, so it is self-charging, and the perfect complete unit for pretty much any power application on set. The capacity of this floor battery is perfectly able to power your full needs on set!

Hire The Mini X-Boxx Floor Battery

Do you want to see how the Mni X-Boxx holds up on set? We stock a huge range of kit, including cameras, lenses, lighting, dollys, batteries and more, all available to hire at Aimimage. Just get in touch to find out more about this product, or our full range of kit, we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, helping you find the perfect kit for the job!

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