The Official UK Poster for Peter Mullan’s New Movie “Hector”

The Official UK Poster for Peter Mullan’s New Movie “Hector”

With last week’s release of the latest promo trailer for Jake Gavin’s brilliant directorial debut, the official UK poster for “Hector”  has also been recently unveiled. This powerful movie showcases Peter Mullan’s superb portrayal of a homeless man who decides to set off and search for his family in the harsh winter cold.

Marking Jake Gavin’s directorial film debut  “Hector” received great reviews in this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, and is one the most anticipated Christmas movies of the year. Will our transient hero find his way through the punishing winter cold?

As promised, check out the official UK poster for Hector before it hits theaters in December 11th. Hector co-stars Sarah Solemani, Stephen Tompkinsonm , Keith Allen, Natalie Gavin, Gina McKee, and Shannon


While we wait for Hector  to touch our hearts when it arrives on December 11th, let’s take another look at one of the promo trailers for this incredible indie film.

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