The Perfect Package: Camera Lenses for Hire

The Perfect Package: Camera Lenses for Hire

The way we see* it — you can rent the perfect camera, but perfect isn’t perfection if you haven’t considered the camera lenses for hire.   We know: of course you’ve considered the lenses.   We’re all professionals, yes?  We are not telling you anything you don’t know.

*Pun intended


Camera Lenses for Hire


Finding camera lenses for hire is part and parcel of finding a camera for hire.

Which is part and parcel of getting the look of your picture just so.  Aimimage wants you to have everything just so, hence why we’ve made it our business to offer it all up to you–every last piece of necessary film equipment we could imagine–simply, in a one stop shop, and professionally.

Fact:  Lenses make the director.   And the camera helps.  And, yes, the man behind the camera is paramount–especially if that man is in charge of the lenses. Finding camera lenses for hire that suit the story you want to tell and your specific degree of weirdness is not always as easy it should be.  Cue Aimimage.

Our first recommendation: be weird.  (Yes, that’s a link to A Field in England, a film that did “weird” with weird lenses better than anyone else in recent memory.)  Translation, in case weird isn’t your thing: be you.  You want it to look a certain way and so you shall.  That doesn’t mean that you won’t need to compromise–compromise is part of the business we’re in–but it does mean that you have to stand firm in your vision and, above all, get creative.

Can’t afford film?  Fine.  Take a cue from allstar cinematographer Phedon Papamichael and mix and match:  We’re going to start being in the business of degrading [the digital image]. That’s what I’m doing. For Nebraska, I shot on an Alexa [digital camera], but with old Panavision lenses and stuff.

And then there was Dancing on the Edge, a period piece that called for film, necessitated digital, and resulted in a DP and audience who were thrilled with the finished project.  (Again, test drive.  Get creative.  We’ll help you make it work.)

This, too, could be you.  So when you’re searching London and Glasgow and beyond for cameras to rent (see: Aimimage), do not forget that there are camera lenses for hire as well.

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