The RED Dragon Captures Much-Awaited AMC’s “Into the Badlands”

The RED Dragon Captures Much-Awaited AMC’s “Into the Badlands”

RED Dragon

AMC and cinematographer Shane Hurlbut are currently working on the eagerly-awaited “Into The Badlands” shot entirely using the RED Dragon and Weapon. Based loosely on a 16th century novel (“Journey to the West”) written by Wu Cheng’en, the show tells a story of a martial arts master, along with his companion, seeking enlightenment in a time when feudal lords controlled the lands.

A veteran of high-budget films, Shane has worked on movies such as “Terminator: Salvation”, “Need for Speed”, and “We Are Marshall.” In “Into the Badlands”, Shane wanted a camera that can faithfully capture the unique style and feel he is looking for that would work for the series.

Following some thorough camera and sensor testing currently out in the market, the RED Dragon emerged as Shane’s best pick. He just knew that the camera will be more than able to help him fulfill his vision for the action-adventure series.

The RED Dragon in Action

In an interview with RED, Shane revealed how he was amazed how the Dragon captured images the way his naked eyes see it. He was blown away with the the camera’s color space, that it offered such flexibility that can challenge him to push his creativity further.

In extreme lighting conditions where natural light was needed with very limited augmentation, the Dragon’s huge dynamic range allowed Shane to move fast and on schedule. He loved the fact that the Dragon allows better exposing in extremes compared to 35mm film stock can do. This helped him achieve that unique look for “Into the Badlands.”

The show is set to be released this fall, and is currently in production in Louisiana. Shane equipped their RED Dragon cameras with optical low-pass filters from DSMC to help him achieve his vision for vibrant and rich landscapes eschewed in a very stylized film look.

Shane went on to praise how RED engineers designed the Dragon to be future proof, how the camera can challenge creativity and allow a workflow that  doesn’t need terabytes for storage. These, Shane exclaimed, was made all possible with the Epic via the Dragon sensor.

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