The RED Dragon Weapon Unleashed at NAB 2015

The RED Dragon Weapon Unleashed at NAB 2015

The newest addition to RED’s arsenal, the RED Dragon Weapon was announced at the NAB Show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada in April, 2015.

RED Dragon Weapon

The Red DragonWeapon is an 8K camera, and a completely re-engineered Brain that harnesses the award-winning features of the 6K RED Dragon sensor.

RED engineers took the top features of the EPIC and the Scarlet and re-designed a BRAIN that incorporates cutting-edge technology while providing the optimal user experience. Weapon is a lighter, smaller body that has a cable-free design with a fully integrated media bay and top plate.

RED Dragon Weapon Specs

The Weapon is available in magnesium or woven carbon fiber and also boasts a full suite of improvements such as simultaneous Apple ProRes and R3D recording,  50% faster read/write speeds than the Dragon, two built-in digital stereo mics, 3D LUT support, new smart peripherals, and more.

Camera owners not ready to upgrade to the Weapon don’t need to worry about getting their RED Dragon obsolete anytime soon. New products and firmware upgrades are still in the works for the Scarlet and Dragon, such as the interchangeable OLPF’s fro DSMC.

The Weapon Brain was redesigned from the ground up, and to bring the best user experience and improve configuration, the I/O connections was removed, and its footprint and weight reduced.

New expansion ports were integrated for maximum optimization, making the Weapon Brain perfect for run-and-gun, gimbal, and studio production applications.

Weapon base expander – best for independent and run-and-gun shoots

Weapon Redvolt Expander – highly flexible solution for different production environments

Weapon Jetpack Expander – best for aerial/gimbal setups

Weapon Redvolt XL – provides lowest profile rig

More about the RED Dragon Weapon

Peripherals for the RED Dragon Weapon no longer require cables since they can be mounted directly into the Brain. RED EVF’s and displays mounts easily as well onto the camera using new LEMO adaptors. The new Top Handle on the RED Dreagon Weapon allows you to toggle recording  functions right from the handle.

Upcoming action-adventure series Into the Badlands from AMC captured using the RED Dragon Weapon.

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