The Red Scarlet

The Red Scarlet

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California- based Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is known for its professional and high quality digital cinematography and photography equipment that support raw recording of videos and still images. Founded by the same guy who founded Oakley, Red has produced several ranges of cameras that are very popular and highly competitive in the market.

The Red Scarlet X

The Scarlet X has photographers and techies raving about it since it was released. It has – like all other Red cameras – a highly modular design so that each camera can be customized to your needs, and is really future- proof as camera technology advances.

You can choose between two sensors: the 14 megapixel Mysterium-X or the 19 megapixel Red Dragon. The cameras with the Red Dragon sensor are known as Scarlet Dragons, an upgrade option that is now available for purchase. Scarlet-X has interchangeable lens mounts and shoots regular speeds of up to 30fps at 4K and up to 120 fps at 2K, while it can’t exceed 18fps at 5K. The Scarlet X is so flexible that you can also swap different mounts from Nikon, Leica, Canon, Zeiss or PL Glass, alongside Red’s own.

The Red Scarlet W

In December 2015, Red announced the latest addition to its family – the Scarlet W. It boasts of an intelligent optical low-pass filter (OLPF) system that allows it to capture and preserve color in dim locations. It also has in-camera 3D LUT outputs and can provide simultaneous recordings in both REDCODE RAW (or R3D) – which is compatible with most professional editing programs, and Apple ProRes format (422, 422 LT, or 422 HQ). It has recording frame rates of 5K at 60fps, 4K at 150fps or 2K at 300fps in REDCODE RAW.

Red Scarlet W uses the Red Dragon Sensor, allowing for cinema quality images featuring Red’s color science and a wide dynamic range. It also offers monochrome options for black and white shooting, with monochrome- only sensor for higher resolution, light sensitivity and dynamic range. Its designs allows for interchangeable mounts and lenses.

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