The Sony FX6: Expand Your Creativity

The Sony FX6: Expand Your Creativity

The Sony FX6 is your answer to outstanding cinematic expression. Its compact and durable body makes it ideal for grab-and-shoot action and its highly sensitive, full-frame image sensor allows you to capture a range of stunning shots.

Features Of The Sony FX6

Expanded ISO sensitivity

An exceptional feature of the Sony FX6 is its expanded ISO sensitivity range of up to 409600 which allows you to capture images in near-total darkness. Plus, the combination of a full-frame sensor with innovative light-gathering means your shooting capabilities are completely limitless.


Deriving from Sony’s renowned FX9, the S-Cinetone colour on the FX6 allows cinematographers to achieve the needs of present content creators with natural skin tones and rich colour.

Therefore, eye-catching images can be produced straight away without the need for grading. Not to mention, leaving plenty of latitude for post-production.

Large Pixels

Another phenomenal feature of the Sony FX6 camera is its large pixels that ensure little noise and high sensitivity. A superb light-gathering capability is possible due to a full-frame, back-illuminated, 10.2 megapixel Exmor CMOS image sensor.

Furthermore, incredible image quality derives from fast readout speeds and a dynamic range of over 15 stops.

Powerful Image Processor

The Sony FX6 possesses an extremely powerful image processor known as BIONZ XR. This processing engine matches the sensor’s rapid readout with sublime processing power. With a contemporary design, high-quality images are delivered faster and significantly increase camera interface responsiveness.

Advanced Real-time Eye AF and Face Detection

Comprehensive Face Detection and Real-time Eye AF ensure reliable focus acquisition for events, interviews or anywhere that requires precise focus on people. It doesn’t matter if targeted subjects are looking down or up, advanced real-time processing consists of the pinpoint eye focus needed to create the most immaculate shot.

High-Powered Focus Control

If you’re a solo shooter, this Sony camera offers high-powered focus control that helps you to achieve your creative intentions. It consists of AF Transition Speed that is selectable over 7 levels and AF Subject Shift Sensitivity of more than 5 levels.

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