The Sony Venice 2: A Game Changer

The Sony Venice 2: A Game Changer

We are proud to offer The Sony VENICE 2, a cinema camera created for the cinematographer. With its new internal recording capabilities, you can capture a wide range of colours and more detail with every shot. The camera also comes with one of two full-frame image sensors that provide stunning picture quality.

Features Of The Sony Venice 2

Reliable and Usable

During demanding shoots it is essential that a camera is simple and intuitive to use for operators. The VENICE 2 has basic menu navigation and connectors to make shooting a smooth process. It doesn’t matter if you want handheld or mounted shooting, the camera is strong and sustainable with a compact build. Therefore, it is quick to set up and you can concentrate on filming, rather than the camera.

Beautiful Images

The VENICE 2 provides a choice between 6k and 8k sensors, both of which possess amazingly broad latitude and gamut. In grading, filmmakers have better freedom of expression due to outstanding colour rendition and 16 or 15+ stops of latitude.

36x24mm Full-Frame Sensor

One of the VENICE 2’s most important features is one of two 36x24mm full-frame image sensors that is designed to maximise the performance of high-end cinematography. The sensors provide exceptional colour rendition, latitude and sensitivity. Additionally, the sensor blocks are interchangeable which makes it easy for users to switch between sensors.

Not to mention, the new 8k sensors can capture images up to a max resolution of 8640 x 5760, whereas, the 6k sensor can achieve 6048 x 4032. Both are brilliant options for accomplishing superb 4k images.

Versatile Image Sensors

The VENICE 2 allows you to easily replace and remove the image sensor, from 8.6k to 6k depending on what kind of shot you need. Therefore, a 6k sensor can be interchanged between VENICE and VENICE 2.

Strong and Sustainable

The VENICE 2 chassis has been formed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Plus, its main frame structure is incredibly robust and durable so you can use the camera for extended periods.

Furthermore, it contains a ventilation system that prevents the seepage of water, sand and dust.

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