The TV LOGIC 24″ LVM-243W-3G

The TV LOGIC 24″ LVM-243W-3G

TV Logic’s 24”, native 1080 resolution display, the LVM-243W is highly capable of multi-format input including Dual Link HD-SDI and 3G. This monitor also offers a full broadcast function set and traceable colour temperature capabilities.

In addition, the LVM-243W comes with closed caption decoding, an on-board waveform and vector monitor display, audio level meter screen, audio de-embedding, including nine scan modes. No doubt, TV Logic’s LVM-243W is one of the most complete HD monitors out in the market today.

The TV LOGIC 24″ LVM-243W-3G

The LVM-243W’s firmware can be upgraded via USB or Ethernet connection. This comprehensive monitor supports accurate colour alignment with the help of TV Logic’s Colour Calibration tool. It can perform range error correction, along with user aspect and marker functions.

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