Things You Need As A Budding Filmmaker

Things You Need As A Budding Filmmaker

Some people would contend that no matter how state-of-the-art, expensive, or powerful your everyday filmmaker tools are, you’re still ill-equipped if you don’t possess the mad skills to put said tools to work. They are 100% correct. Remember Edward Scissorhands trimming bushes and hair styling overgrown poodles when he could be up there with Wolverine, or Freddie Krueger maybe?

So don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything too cutting-edge in the list below. You’re just starting out, you need all the cash you can possibly get your hands on.

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  1. As much as possible, get a good mobile phone. This phone will be your office on-the-go and your quick shot camera. It will come in ultra-handy when you need to take a snap at a location, write and send emails, and surf the net. Your mobile phone will be your best friend.
  2. Your own email address and website. Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo all offer personal domain names that will allow you to use a personalized email address. This is also implies that you run a respectable and professional business. There are point-and-click websites that are pretty straightforward to use and you’ll see yourself with a really nice website that includes an about, current projects, contact info, and show reel sections.
  3. Get a good laptop along with an equally good battery. Editing software such as Final Cut Pro, word processing programs, and slide presentations will prove to be very useful.

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  1. Invest in a GoPro Camera, you can either rent or purchase it. This is perfect for those instant interviews or other spontaneous events worth capturing.
  2. Establishing your social networking groups such as Twitter or Facebook will be critical when you’re ready to release your film. Try to put in 15-20 minutes of your time daily, checking social media to find out about the latest industry trends and news.
  3. Business cards help build a professional image as well. Make those details in the card readable and clear.
  4. Practice those snake oil salesman skills; you’ll be needing it when you pitch your movie.
  5. Camera stabilization is crucial, and using a “Fig Rig” or any camera stabilization tool can make a whole lot of difference in your movie – a major deal breaker if no camera stabilization techniques are employed.
  6. Budget a portion of your time joining networking events, filming making groups.

Experience will always be the ultimate teacher, so the most effective way to be a filmmaker is by going through the learning curve. Having a mentor who can show you the ropes and show how to avoid mistakes you can’t afford will also be very helpful.

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