Trap For Cinderella Interview

Trap For Cinderella Interview

Trap For Cinderella interview with writer-director Ian Softley.

Director Iain Softley talks Trap For Cinderella in an interview at the Brussels International Film Festival in early April, where the film debuted. Since being shown at the festival, the film has received its share of kind words and already has a bit of a cult following.  Shot on location in England and France, Trap For Cinderella used Aimimage’s 16mm cameras, the ARRI SR3 High Speed and the ARRI 416 Plus.

Here’s a bit of what Softley had to say regarding running themes within his oeuvre:  “I saw it as a companion piece to a film I did many years ago called Wings of a Dove. There’s also a plot where people are in love with each other, fall in love with each other, and are duplicitous. And the theory that somebody else’s life is going to bring you happiness”.

Watch the following Trap For Cinderella interview to hear more about  Softley’s take on the story, as well as the filmmaking process.

Trap For Cinderella interview with Iain Softley at BIFF 2013

With the Trap for Cinderella trailer recently released via Lionsgate films, the film’s July 12th release date is now fast approaching. Starring Tuppence Middleton and Alexander Roach, Trap For Cinderella examines the relationship between best friends Mickey and Do whose lives are forever altered in a fire. One friend dies, whilst the other, Mickey, suffers from amnesia and disfiguring burns. Mickey’s attempt to regain her memory then lead her on a shocking journey of self-discovery.


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