Trap For Cinderella Trailer Released

Trap For Cinderella Trailer Released

The Trap for Cinderella trailer, just released via Lionsgate, promises drama while leaving much of the film’s mystery intact.

The film garnered some kind words following its debut at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival in early April.

Trap for Cinderella (and, hence, the Trap for Cinderella trailer) was shot on location in London and France using Aimimage 16mm cameras – the ARRI 416 Plus and the ARRI SR3 High Speed. At a recent BAFTA and Directors UK panel, Softley spoke of the important choice between film and digital formats: “The perceived wisdom was that digital is quicker and cheaper than film. The message that was getting across was that film’s time was up. This is not an attack on digital, but a desire to keep film as an available option”.

Trap for Cinderella stars Tuppence Middleton and Alexandra Roach as inseparable friends whose lives are destroyed in a fire, when one is killed and the other is left with disfiguring burns and amnesia. Iain Softley’s own script for the film (based on the cult novel by French writer Sébastien Japrisot) appeared on the 2009 Brit List of best unproduced screenplays. We eagerly await the film’s UK release on 12 July.


Trap for Cinderella Trailer:


The Trap for Cinderella trailer will leave you wanting more — just as a trailer ought.

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