The Trials of Jimmy Rose

The Trials of Jimmy Rose

ITV has greenlit The Trials of Jimmy Rose, a new 3-part drama mini-series with Ray Winstone starring the lead role and co-stars Amanda Redman. The show is written and created by Alan Whiting (Kingdom, Strike Back, Half Broken Things, and Wire in the Blood) and is directed by Adrian Shergold (Mad Dogs, Lucan, Dirty Filthy Love).

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Filled with warm and funny moments, The Trials of Jimmy Rose tells a story of a family man who just wants to secure his family’s future by any means necessary, even if breaking the law would be the means to achieve this goal. He became an armed robber who’s had several run-ins with the law.

Through the years he was able to afford his family a nice home in a small, quiet executive estate. Our anti-hero, as it would seem, have made crime pay, but not without consequence. He has spent more time in jail than with his wife, Jackie (played by Amanda Redman), two grown up children Julie and Jason, and grandkids Ellie, Elliot, and India.

Julie doubts her love for his dad, Jason has shunned his father out completely, and wants nothing to do with him. Jimmy’s family has finally moved on with his latest incarceration. All those years of being away has finally taken its toll on his wary family.

His release from prison this time around saw a cold, uncaring welcome from his family already torn apart. He sees himself an aged ex-convict facing a bleak future fuelled with an unwavering need to redeem himself and win his family back.

Aimimage is proud to have been part of this highly anticipated drama TV series as a trusted supplier of camera equipment and systems. It has been a great pleasure and distinct honour to be trusted as an indispensable partner in bringing this over to from script to screen.

For this production we used the Arri Alexa provided by Ice Film, our sister company, which has a wide range of great features including: ARRI colour science, creating a natural colour reproduction and has outstanding colour separation. The Alexa delivers sharp, natural images with high sensitivity.

The Arri Alexa was combined with the award winning Cooke S4 Prime lenses giving the filming production a supreme performance at full aperture with superior control of flare and distortion.

We have an extensive selection of cameras and camera equipment, lens control systems, and PL/B4/EF mounted lenses for hire. The fully-equipped, soundproofed studio, courtesy of our sister company The Camden Studio, offers a wide selection of lighting equipment hire kits, transport facilities and a professional crew. We are 100% capable of full support for any production.

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