UK Films Post Highest Global Market Share Ever With $9.4B – BFI

UK Films Post Highest Global Market Share Ever With $9.4B – BFI

The British Film Institute recently released a report highlighting another successful year for the UK film and TV industry, with no small thanks due to Stars Wars: The Force Awakens raking in $2B  in total revenues from global box-office sales.

This translates to getting a 26% share of global ticket sales, a 13% jump from 2014’s total. Filmed largely in the UK, Star Wars: The Force Awakens now ranks as the third highest-grossing film ever.

UK indies also had a banner year, with Paddington leading the charge with $112M in 2015, followed by Shaun the Sheep herding in $103Mand The Imitation Game hot on the little bear’s heels at $102M. All these indie efforts grossed an impressive $1.1B, which is 2.8% of global box office ticket sales in 2015.


Other top indie UK films that made it big in 2015 include Legend, generating $39, and Brooklyn with $45M. Territories where UK-made films performed best include New Zealand, Australia, Russia, and France.

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