Watch Chubby Funny Online

Watch Chubby Funny Online

Watch Chubby Funny Online

Aimimage production Chubby Funny caught they eyes of young British cinema goers last year and is now available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Chubby Funny – A Harry Mitchell Project

Starring, directed and written by Harry Mitchell, Chubby Funny tackles the overwhelming sense of inferiority that is experienced by so many young adults trying to find their place in the unforgiving capital city of London.

Oscar (Harry Mitchell) moves to London to pursue his acting career whilst sharing a flat with his best friend Charlie (Augustus Prew). Charlie finds it easier to break into the showbiz scene and lands a major role on stage whilst Oscar reluctantly dresses up as a squirrel for chocolate adverts.

Watch Chubby Funny Online

“I got Big Mumma’s House 2, but Italian Subtitles?”

Asim Chaudhry, most renowned for his role as Chabuddy G in People Just do Nothing, has a comical part as the local corner shop owner selling pirate DVDs and insisting on checking for ID each time Oscar enters.

The film offers a relatively dark insight into the troubles faced by ambitious young artists but also provides more than enough comical relief to keep the viewer smiling. Oscar is forced to become more self-aware as his surroundings begin to crumble around him, but one gets the impression that his losses are necessary for him to progress.

Watch Chubby Funny Online

Chubby Funny Forever?

The ending of the film in many ways is up to interpretation – an optimist may see a ray of hope for the protagonist who has the chance to start again whereas the pessimist might observe a continuation down a lonely tunnel for a lost and isolated Oscar. Is he cursed to be Chubby Funny forever, or can he find a way out?

Written, Produced and Filmed in Camden

The location shooting in Camden gives an authenticity that adds to the realism of the film. Mitchell taps into an experience that is extremely common in the small apartments of north London where countless young artists are struggling to fulfil their potential.

Ilkley to Come

Chubby Funny was Mitchell’s debut as a writer-director but it won’t be long before his latest dark comedy Ilkley hits the screen and we are extremely excited to see Harry’s second Aimimage production in all its glory in the not so distant future.

Watch Chubby Funny Online

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