What Critics Are Saying About Peter Mullan’s Hector

What Critics Are Saying About Peter Mullan’s Hector


With only a few days left for the general release of Hector, critics are hailing Peter Mullan’s new movie as one of this season’s most important films to watch. A moving story about a homeless man with a once comfortable life, this marks Jake Gavin’s brilliant directorial debut, and one of Mullan’s most exceptional performances to date.

Here’s what critics have to say about the film:

Allan Brown for Movie Review World cites Hector as –

“A crowning achievement for all involved. It’s grit and integrity to the subject is testament to the skill of Jake Gavin’s writing and directing, while Peter Mullan reminds us all why he is regarded as one of the greatest working-actors in Britain today”.

Craig McKenzie saw Hector at this year’s EIFF, and here’s his review –

“A powerful and engaging character study with a superb performance from Peter Mullan in the lead role”.

Scott Tobias of Variety wrote –

“Peter Mullan brings warmth and soul to this modest British weepie about a homeless man heading south for the Christmas holiday…”

Here’s what Neil Young from The Hollywood Reporter has to say –

“Gavin’s achievement here is to craft a drama that conveys the hard-knock realities of homelessness while maintaining a gentle, wry and humorous tone – a tricky balancing act that even experienced filmmakers find problematic”.

Sarah Sutton of The Upcoming says – 

…”Hector is a film that is definitely worth watching. With brilliantly developed characters and an exceptional first half, it really does succeed at putting homelessness on the big screen in an entertaining and thoughtful way”…

Short Com Reviews describes Hector –

“Overall, Hector is a strong film debut, filled with the kind of compassion that seems to be in decline these days, in the age of anti-homeless spikes and Katie Hopkins”.
















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