Wireless Connectivity – Photography & Videography

Wireless Connectivity – Photography & Videography

One feature that is gaining more and more popularity within the photography and videography industries is the ability to connect your camera via WiFi to your smartphone or desktop, making sharing that bit easier and simplifying the backup process. Through this function photographers and videographers are able to instantly share their high-quality images on social media, or in the case of the GoPro, able to stream high-quality videos live. These features are especially handy in a world where people use images and videos to communicate, and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, periscope and Vine are fast becoming the most popular apps out there.

A few cameras are even equipped with a direct connection to social media platforms such as Facebook, allowing on the go photo sharing with friends, family and clients. But it doesn’t just simplify image sharing, there are many Wifi enabled cameras that immediately back up all your images to the cloud. This is especially appreciable as it allows online copies that are accessible from any device. Furthermore, it also enables professional photographers and filmmakers to work differently on a day to day basis; Nature Photographers can wirelessly adjust the settings, release the shutter button and stay hidden or in safety whilst doing so, Portrait Photographers can immediately get feedback from their clients on outdoor shoots, and Documentary filmmakers can benefit from direct uploads to blogs and websites.

Wireless connectivity will and has changed so much in the world of Photography and Videography, and will eventually become a feature that photographers and producers alike cannot live without. With that said, here is a small selection of different camera models out there that offer Wireless Connectivity:


ARRI Alexa Mini

The ARRI Alexa Mini offers the same organic and high dynamic range images and colour renditions that the other members of the ARRI family does. It’s not only compact in it’s size, but it also allows users to plug in a wireless focus motor that can be attached to the lens. Another very exciting feature is the way that this camera can be controlled in comparison to others. The Alexa Mini has a built-in Wifi function that allows users to remotely control their device using their smartphone, tablet or even laptop.


Canon EOS 6D

The Canon EOS 6D is the first ‘affordable’ full frame DSLR camera and is very popular amongst professional photographers who are more interested in a lighter model. It might be the smallest and lightest full-frame camera from Canon, but it’s still equipped with many interesting features such as a built-in GPS and Wifi function, making the EOS 6D the perfect travelling companion.



This particular model is full with exciting new features such as higher and better image quality, a new sensor and a new look. It’s not just a still camera but also a motion one too, which gives you the best of both worlds. It also offers remote controlling using an external gadget called REDMODE, which allows wireless navigation through the menu settings and shutter release. Another exciting feature is how compatible this camera is with other lenses, which makes owning more cameras and lenses much more entertaining because they all provide a different perspective to a user.

gopro-hero4-black-edition-action-camera-[2]-7872-pGOPRO HERO4 BLACK

The GOPRO is the ultimate adventure camera for the most detailed footage, fantastic image quality and superb sound reproduction. It’s the go to device for all the adventurers out there wanting to capture their thrilling experiences. Equipped with a built-in WiFi function, it enables users to share their images and videos on the go. The HERO4 offers HD filming and cinema quality in a compact body that is lightweight and fits into any bag, it comes with Ultra-Wide angles and Night Photo Settings allowing as much creativity as wanted.

Wireless Connectivity not only simplifies the backup process and enables photographers and videographers to instantly share images with their followers, but it has also advanced us another step into the future within the image and motion capture world.

If you would like to learn more about our cameras that offer wireless connectivity or how you can leverage the technology for an upcoming project, contact us or visit or kit for hire page.

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